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Who the hell are Iron Velvet?
Who the hell are Iron Velvet?
Who the hell are Iron Velvet?
Who the hell are Iron Velvet?
Who the hell are Iron Velvet?
Who the hell are Iron Velvet?
To keep it simple

A bunch of
Free birds

We came together to craft websites that feel a little bit more like good music sounds.

We’re an army of two, one designer and one developper, who broke the chain that was tiding them to conventional thinking. We want to create a web that brings a better perception for your brand and exhilarating experiences to your audience.

What we'll do for you

Put some magic in your web

To sum it up, we craft websites. But not just your momma’s regular website. We put a lot of efforts to make it look better, sound great, move nice, feel softer. All in all it’s not just another brick in your wall. 

A web experience you'll be 
proud of.

  • UX Research
  • Strong concepts
  • UI Design
  • Showcase or E-Shop
  • Iterative Development
  • 3D & 2D Assets creation
  • Motion for the web
  • Sound Design for the web
  • Strategy consulting
So, well...
Ready to set the
whole wild
web on fire?
What we stand for

More than
a cheap
magic trick

Get better, not bigger.

We are human centric. We praise real talents, people that should be highlighted for what they do and become essential for a design studio. Unlike the usual company conception, everyone is essential.

Our own
of prestige

Good people, good projects.

We only want to work with the best in their very own field of expertise. That’s why if we consider that a third party would craft a better something, we’d transfer whole or part of the project.

Pay for the creative value you get.

Financial issues are creativity killers. That's why we'll never settle with the minimum wage. We want to pay our collaborators and partners the amount they deserve for their talent and dedication.

Less ego, more training.

We massively invest in self-training. We want to make sure some free time is dedicated to improvement or to set up some personal projects. We think it’s as essential for our clients projects and for people working with us. We’d rather invest in this than in superficial stuff. Who cares about your table football after all, huh ?

To provide answers, not to make you feel good.

We monitor trends and work restlessly to be aware of the best things made in our field of expertise. Only in this way can we offer you the best solutions. That’s why we always provide clear and honest feedback. That’s why we’re not here to try to make you feel good.

A great
load of alchemy

The only way is a new way.

We don’t recreate the nice words or the beautiful websites of your competitors. We provide a new strength, dragged from deep thinking and original designs. If you only care about something that already exists, dozens of other studios would be pleased to craft that for you. Not us.

Break the wall.

Getting around a wall is faster than wrecking it, but doing so twenty times causes frustration. It’s a loss for long-term creation. Every problem is a wall we don’t get around, we wreck them.

No one thrives if the planet doesn't.

Web and creation are pretty energy intensive. We keep on looking for new ways that will make it sustainable. Whether it’s about resources optimisation, 200% carbon compensated servers or our upcoming move in a positive energy building, we always keep a sustainable future in mind.

And a hint
of rebellion

. Iron Velvet S.A.S
. Find us
10 rue de Wissembourg
67000 Strasbourg
. Contact us

07 67 20 17 28